What Is The Novatank?

In 2006 Novatank designed, right here in Australia, the world’s first collapsible water tank that could contain 5,000 litres. The engineering ensured the rigours of even industrial applications would be met. Using a unique truncated thermoplastic fabric liner and galvanised steel frame, the Novatank is truly a breakthrough in liquid storage design. Novatank is 100% Australian owned.


With conventional tanks the option of placing water storage inside a building is impossible. The Novatank fits through standard doorways.


The ease of transportation and assembly means Novatank is perfect for a variety of applications.

One of A Kind

The only collapsible 5,000L tank in the World as well as the most functional collapsible tank available

Breakthrough for industry

Novatank brings new capabilities and efficiencies to the domestic, farming and government sectors. Many have already benefited from Novatank.

Innovation with choice

There are two choices of 5,000L tanks. Novatank have developed Rainwater and Freshwater tanks that cover almost all known temporary storage applications.

Unique Novatank

Easily rolled through a door, assembled and disassembled, transported and stored, the strong, space-saving Novatank is collapsible, stackable, movable and durable.

Ideal For All Applications

Innovation and quality engineering makes Novatank a practical and versatile welcome breakthrough. Novatank has transformed liquid storage methods in many industries worldwide.


“I recommend this product.”

Thanks Novatank: You have solved my drought problem! The drier your area the bigger your storage capacity needs to be is what they say on the website. I have more than five-folded my water storage capacity with this tank. I recommend this product. All we now need is rain…

Rob , Mt Isa, QLD, Australia |

“Great product.”

The tank looks like a good system and is neat and well made. Assembling the frame is quick and easy. To take advantage of collecting rain water from your roof the 5,000 litres is a nice size if you need a big size tank to harvest all the rainwater you can. This is a great product.

Charles , Luanda, Angola |

“I wanted to have more storing capacity.”

With such a wet spring down here in Austin I wanted to have more storing capacity. Just got mine the other day. This tank looks good, a little bit on the big side (5000 litres) and somewhat tall but will catch lots of water so it’s great! It’s easily portable on the back of my truck and good quality.

Phoebe , Austin, TX |

“Moving it around is easy…”

Love how easy the tank was to set up and take down. The tank in BIG! The tank is sealed and catches leaves etc. and also keeps pests out. Moving it around is easy for one person but you have to be careful keeping it upright.

Clint , Parramatta, Sydney |

“There is plenty of pressure…”

The tank is very easy to put together (my wife and I) when placed on a level surface. We had a 1000 liter tank before but it filled up too quickly. There is a big leaf trap inflow and two drains which allows for 4 configurations. We’ve connected the tank to our existing vegetable irrigation and there is plenty of pressure generated to allow for easy watering.

David , Harrisburg, PA |

“I would recommend Novatank”

You need someone to help you. Setup was pretty quick but you’ll need a 13mm spanner (1/2” won’t work). Looks like a good system and is well made and complete and Novatank I think is better than a rigid tank. If you want to collect rain water and use it for garden and plants around your home you need big storage. The tank comes with two outlets of 1” and 2” and is convenient. I would recommend Novatank to anyone looking at becoming sustainable and wanting to move such big storage capacity around.

Carrie , Hot Springs, AR |

“It’s definitely worth the investment. Holds up to cold winters.”

I would recommend this item if you have a big vegetable garden or a lot of fruit trees. I use the tank to keep my vegetables growing and trees producing. I contacted the company and they recommend leaving the drain open during the winter so that the tank remains empty to prevent freezing. I will leave mine outside all year round.

Charlie , Edinburgh, Scotland |

“Out of rainy season I collapse the tank and hide it under my deck.”

We have one at our place we live in Australia. It looks quite good and I love having it for watering the lawns and garden from rainwater collected from my roof. It’s nice to harvest all this water and not to have the water wasted. The tank holds 5,000 litres which is really a lot. Out of rainy season I collapse the tank and hide it under my deck.

Andy , Esperance, WA, Australia |

“…I easily move the tank around.”

Water restrictions in California have made it hard to keep my garden and lawn green. Now with my Novatank I can water daily and even wash my car with fresh rainwater! With a little help, it’s simple and easy to set up and take down and I easily move the tank around.

Bill , Santa Rosa, CA |

“I have never regretted paying a little extra for this versatility.”

Harvesting rainwater like this is like money falling from the sky. It’s nice to know I’m now reducing the load on local piped water resources. When I’m done using the tank I roll it into my garage especially during summer as we have winter rainfall here. I have never regretted paying a little extra for this versatility.

Peter , Melbourne, Australia |

“An Innovative product…”

I don’t often write reviews but the Novatank is such an innovative product… The tank weighs over 100kg and you need help with the assembly. Once erected (it took us 20 minutes) we fitted the valves and positioned it under two gutter pipes. Amazing how much free water we collected after just one rain shower! We collapse the tank in minutes and easily move it to the garage.

Stephanie , London, England |

“Get competitive quotes for local delivery…the tank performs as promised.”

After my tank arrived in the Depot in Durban I still had to organise 600km for delivery to Johannesburg. This is quite an expense to consider so get competitive quotes. Novatank clearly communicated with me the entire way and the tank performs as promised.

Hendrik , Joburg, South Africa |