What Is It ?

In 2006 Novatank designed the world’s first collapsible water tank that could contain 5,000 litres. The engineering ensured the rigours of even industrial applications would be met. Using a unique truncated thermoplastic fabric liner and galvanised steel frame, the Novatank is truly a breakthrough in liquid storage design.

Over two years of testing and trial resulted in a product that exceeds expectations worldwide. In almost a decade of production, Novatank has maintained a 100% record without a single quality-related warranty claim.

The tanks can be transported individually in light vehicles or stacked up to 2 high or 5 upright for efficient bulk transportation. The picture on the right is how Novatank pallets are shipped from the factory. The Minimum Order Quantity is 1 tank to any continent. 3 Pallets (15 tanks) go into a 20′ Container and 7 Pallets (35 tanks) go into a 40′ Container.

Patented worldwide, Novatank is the solution to a big, mobile and functional water storage system when in use and a neat, compact and unobtrusive item, when not and ready to be easily relocated and erected when demand calls. Assembly is undertaken in mere minutes by two adults.

Novatank is Australian designed, engineered, owned and exported all over the globe.

Watch Novatank on New Inventors (5min 30sec)

Watch the assembly video (3min)