Novatank realises many customers often require bulk liquid storage for short periods of time and do not want to buy any tank just for this. The solution is Novatank is now available for hire. The rental tanks are available in several countries so click here to find out if Novatank is available in your country.

If the tank-erection site is not absoloutely level or if you want to lift the outlet about 750mm off the ground a tank stand can also be rented.

What Is Supplied with Rentals

  • Complete 5,000L PVC Liner Novatank
  • If required, a 750mm High and 2m in Diameter tank Stand
  • 1″ female Valve
  • 2″ female Valve
  • 19mm nipple
  • 25mm nipple
  • 32mm nipple
  • 50mm nipple
  • 2 x Reducers
  • 3″ Overflow
  • Mosquito screen for overflow
  • 400mm inlet filter and cover
  • Included for Assembly
    • 40 Bolt assembly kit
    • Instruction Manual

Rental Costs

  • $44.00 per 5,000L PVC Liner tank per day
  • $26.00 per 750mm stand per day
  • Total $70.00 for both the tank and stand per day
  • Amounts exclude Delivery or Collection from our depots

Tank Specs

  • Tank empty weight: 105kg
  • Volume capacity: 5,000L
  • Full weight: 5.1T
  • Footprint: 3.1m2
  • Collapsed Height: 0.35m
  • Erected Height (without stand): 1.97m
  • Erected Height (with stand at 750mm): 2.75m

Collapsible Stands

The Novatank Stand is essential if the area you are erecting on is not absolutely flat. Even garages that have a very slight slope of less than one degree can cause the tank to become unstable. The nature of the construction of the collapsible tank is such that the liner will bulge to the lowest side and even a 5% fall can cause tank failure.

The Novatank Stand is highly recommended to get the tank in an absolute level and stable position aswell as increasing your head of water by nearly 1m or 10MPa.

The stand consists of 4 Castors and 32 pivoting Basejack footings. The castors are used to get the collapsed stand in approximate position and as the arms are opened a pair of jacknuts aswell as Basejack footings are screwed into each of the spindles. Erection time is 20 minutes.

  • Stand weight: 325kg
  • Size: 740mm High, 900mm Wide and 900mm deep
  • Opened size: 750mm High and 2m in Diameter
  • Maximum height of stand: 900mm
  • Volume of opened stand: 2.4m3
  • Opened stand Footprint: 3.1m2
  • Total full weight on area: 5,4T
  • Full load per leg: 150kg
  • Erected Height (with 750mm Stand): 2.76m
  • Outlets Height (with 750mm stand): 800mm above ground

Advertising on your tank

You can advertise your event or company on the tank.

  • Total Advertising Area: 15.5m2
  • Area consists of 5.5 Corflute Panels joined together
  • Panel Sizes each: 1220 Wide x 2440m High
  • These Corflute Panels can be printed directly
  • Please Contact Us for pricing


For the full conditions version please Contact Us

  • Minimum rental 2 days
  • Returned tanks must be dry & clean and in good repair
  • Tanks and stands subject to availablility
  • Only clean water may be used for storage
  • Payment prior to rental of tanks and stands
  • Novatank is indemnified of all injury or damage

Fittings supplied with Rental Tanks

Novatank Collapsible Stand

Novatank on Stand and with Covers


  • All tanks and stands are transported by contractors or collected by customers. Novatank does not do transporting
  • Quotes from the contractor to your location will be forwarded to you for consideration
  • If accepted, this delivery amount must be settled by the customer
  • Delivery quotes are for delivery only. Collection will be a seperate quote but is usually the same as the Delivery quote
  • Delivery area must be safe with enough space to offload
  • The contractor will offload the tank and, if ordered, the stand aswell in the general proximity of the truck. The contractor will usually not assist in assembly