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Having a Novatank packed and ready to go means 5000L water storage tanks can be assembled in under 5 minutes on demand.

Clean Water

Novatank is perfect for rural areas with average to high rainfall that lack water storage infrastructure.

25,000L per pallet

Novatanks are not only lightweight but up to 5 tanks stack neatly onto a pallet enabling rapid water storage deployment wherever it's needed.

Disaster Relief

Novatank's portability makes it a vital component in disaster relief programmes where domestic and industrial water storage is required.


Novatank has been engineered to perfection and elaborately documented to answer any questions. Follow the links below or call one of our friendly staff.

Used around the world

For 13 years Novatank has been manufacturing the world’s most functional collapsible tank that can contain 5,000 litres. The tanks have found their way to almost every corner of the world and are being used in every imaginable application: Disaster relief, farming, industrial, home use and military.

The tough design, using a thick, unique, truncated thermoplastic fabric liner and galvanised steel frame, the Novatank is truly a breakthrough in liquid storage design.

Years of testing and trials, the result is a product that exceeds expectations worldwide. In over a decade of production, Novatank has maintained a 100% record without a single quality-related warranty claim.

The tanks weigh 105kg and can be transported individually in light vehicles or stacked up to 2 high or 5 upright for efficient bulk transportation. 3 Pallets (15 tanks) go into a 20′ Container and 7 Pallets (35 tanks) go into a 40′ Container. See the diagram at the bottom of the page.

Patented worldwide, Novatank is the functional solution to a big, mobile water storage system when in use. Neat, compact and unobtrusive when not. Ready to be easily relocated and erected when demand calls.

Novatank is Australian designed, engineered, owned and exported all over the globe.

Collapsed Novatank


    Top and Bottom of the Novatank

    Fittings Supplied

    • 1″ female Valve
    • 2″ female Valve
    • 19mm nipple
    • 25mm nipple
    • 32mm nipple
    • 50mm nipple
    • 2 x Reducers
    • 3″ Overflow
    • Mosquito screen for overflow
    • 400mm inlet filter and cover
    • Included for Assembly
      • 1. 40 Bolt assembly kit
      • 2. Instruction Manual
      • 3. Serial Numbers
      • 4. 13mm T-handle tool for assembly/disassembly

    Tank Specs

    • Tank weight: 105kg
    • Volume capacity: 5,000L
    • Full weight: 5.1T
    • Footprint: 3.1m2
    • Collapsed Height: 0.35m
    • Erected Height: 1.97m

    Pallet specs

    • Pallet weight: 550kg (5 Tanks)
    • Volume capacity: 25,000L
    • Pallet Width: 2.1m
    • Pallet Depth: 1.6m
    • Pallet Height: 2.2m
    • Pallet Footprint: 3.4m2

    Stacked Tanks

    • Maximum stack: 5 Tanks
    • Total Weight: 525kg
    • Height: 1,650mm
    • Volume Capacity: 25,000L
    • Stack Volume: 5.2m3
    • Footprint: 3.1m2

    Tank Shelflife

    • Stored Inside: Indefinite
    • Store Outside: Tanks
      • 1. On the original pallet (under tarp): 20 years
      • 2. Collapsed with dust cover in place: 10 years
      • 3. Erected permanently: 5 years
    • For info on component life expectancies click here

    Exploded view of components

    Click to expand


      Vertical roll Height



        Storage Height


        Tank erected Height and the maximum of 5 tanks stacked for storage

        Shipment Weights, Footprints & Storage Capacity (SC)

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